Theboy who dreamt of a camel and a can of water. 

Thar desert, India.

We were lost among vast expanses of sand where I could barely make out the horizon. I had been asked to take out my contact lenses, because the lashing of the sandy wind could damage my eyesight. And that was the last sense I wanted to lose in that magical journey through the Thar desert. On the back of a camel, -rather exhausted from doing the same daily routine-, we travelled and spent the night in the great Indian desert, on the border between India and Pakistan. In spite of the physical fatigue, I was awake almost the whole night, having a conversation with the constellations offered to me that eastern night. 

Gaza was 15 years old at the time, and had spent half its life on the back of a camel. With a haughty, mischievous and defiant look, he knew how to sell sand in a desert, never better said. He made his living by going on safaris to the Great Thar Desert. He offered me to drink water from a gasoline can while his fellow travelers simmered a delicious curry.